The Top 10 WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Must Have

1. Akeeba Backup for WordPress:

Akeeba Backup
Have you ever wanted to move your blog from one host to another? You must have encountered difficulty doing so. If you never knew, moving WordPress from one host to another, or from one domain to another, involves a lot of tedious processes. If you are not good at tech, you will end up breaking the whole site. I will talk about WordPress backup and transfer later on.

Akeeba Backup is one of the WordPress plugins that help you to back up your blog and transfer it to another host. You might also use it whenever you want to update a few things on your blog. It is critical creating a backup before you break anything so that you can restore your blog easily.

Unlike most WordPress transfer plugins and solutions, Akeeba lets you back up all your database and files in one single click. You can choose to keep your backup on the server, send it to email, or upload to Google Drive so that you can easily access it even when you lose access to your server.

Akeeba Backup will also embed an installer into the backup so that you can easily restore your site just by running the installer. All your files including media and graphics will be available during the restore. The restore will also work if you are transferring to a new domain name. To install Akeeba on your WordPress blog, follow this link.

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