The Top 10 WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Must Have

Many people find it hard distinguishing between what is necessary and what not from the large WordPress plugins database. I know you want to get the best out of your blog in terms of performance and accessibility. WordPress, being a powerful blogging and CMS solution, allows you to post your ideas in no time. The different plugins available help you to turn your WordPress to whatever you might think of.

In this article, I will outline the 10 best WordPress plugins necessary for bloggers. You might be aware of the common ones like galleries and sliders. But I am not talking about those. When I wanted to enable certain functions on my blog, it took me several days doing trial and error.

The List of the Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers:

Most of the plugins I tried out turned out to be garbage. Some would break my styles or conflict the JavaScript, especially on the dashboard. Other plugins simply fail to deliver what they promise. In this list, I have detailed the top 10 WordPress plugins that you need. Read on to learn which one you should install now. I have also included the links to their download pages.

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