GreenGeeks Web Hosting Full Review

This is a complete review of GreenGeeks Web Hosting Company. The basis of this review is the statistics we collected from the company website and representatives as well as other reliable information online. You are free to react in the comments section below.

About GreenGeeks Web Hosting:

GreenGeeks Web Hosting

Founded in California, GreenGeeks is a web hosting company that has been in business for eight years now (as of this writing). The company is currently hosting over 300,000 websites for more than 35,000 clients.

GreenGeeks make use of renewable energy to save the environment and power. Hosting your website with them means you will add value to the environment while getting the best out of the natural resources. In total, the company saves more than 615,000 KWH energy per year.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting company has many awards for being among the world’s best web hosting service providers. Many people have rated GreenGeeks a good web host.  Among other things, it is the best green energy powered web host, best customer support web hosting company, and has high-quality servers.

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