How to Choose between Free and Paid Web Hosting

The question about buying a web host or just signing up for a free web hosting service is not uncommon. Whether you are into business or just putting your hobby into practice, you must have asked yourself the same question. I myself went through the same for a long time since I started doing simple stuff online. However, you should be well informed before you make a decision for a long-term project.

In this article, I will navigate you through the process of choosing between a paid and a free web hosting service. Once you decide to start a website or a blog, there are goals you have to meet. Without putting this into consideration, you might end up making the wrong decision that will bring more harm in the long run. Many people have wasted both time and money online. The reason is making the wrong investments when it comes to choosing the right host for your business.

About Free Web Hosting Companies:

There are many companies that offer their users some sort of free services to host their websites. Some of these come as an add-on to another service or a stand-alone service entirely. We are all aware of the likes of and Blogger. We now need to get into the details of the different options you get from such companies.

You will realize that most features of free web hosting are limited. The company decides what you can do on your account and what you cannot. The limits are meant to discourage many from using the server for serious businesses. There are, however, few free web hosting providers that will allow you a bit more of the server resources than the rest. To put it simply, each provider has its own limit. You might not expect the same.

When you get a free web hosting from a company without having to purchase anything alse, you need to understand the catch enclosed with the deal. you have the liberty to ask the provider why he should do that yet he is supposed to pay for the server and the bandwidth.

We, however, know a few providers who are resellers of free providers like Byet. They do not need to pay, but the catch is thst you have to upgrade to a stable server if you need better performance. In so dfoing, byet will be making the profits from the free web hosting services.

About Premium/Paid Web Hosting

These are the majority in the market. Several companies offer web hosting services at a fee. It is logical because profits have to be made to sustain the servers as well as the owners and the workers. However, the prices might go beyond your reach for some companies while they are really affordable in some.

In a previous article, I highlighted the general guidelines to follow when choosing a web host. You will realize that it is not really easy to choose from the many competitors. But as I highlighted in the article, there are different criteria you can apply to find your best as per you needs.

Each company offers you with distinctive features. It is up to you to choose what works for you. From a personal perspective, I use a service that offers a flat rate, because the most important feature in buying a web hosting server is the support. For that option, I go for a service like GreenGeeks that allows me unlimited features for a flat rate.

The Bottomline:

Each of the web hosting provider gives you services as per the price you pay. As you might have guessed, the more you pay, the better you can expect. There are solid companies that offer you 99.99% uptime SLA while others are not even sure what they offer. That is why people like the big companies like Bluehost.

But as I mentioned, the quality is not in the name, but in the service. There are companies that have been around for years but they have not been able to prove that they are reliable. If you are still in doubt of what to choose from, you can read my guideline article here.

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