$2.58 Unlimited Web Hosting and Email from HostGator

HostGator has launched a new web hosting and domain registration bundle for new orders. The package includes a site set up, a website builder (optional), and unlimited email hosting services. They launched the offer almost two weeks ago (precisely on the January 31st, and is an ongoing package.

The Offer in Its Details:

HostGator web hosting offer
HostGator is well known to be among the largest web hosting companies in the world. They host millions of websites to date. This current promotion is meant to help new startups to set up their websites while spending the minimum possible. Eligibility for the offer is that you need to order a new hosting package.

In this package, you will spend $2.58 per month to get the “Hatchling” package for a 12-month tenure. The service is billing of this bundle is annual. The price is a 76.4% discount of the actual price of the package. You cannot resist this offer if you understand what quality means when it comes to setting up a website for your brand.

What You Get from the Package:

The website hosting package from this offer is only $2.58/mo and is billed annually. Whether you have a website elsewhere or you want to start up a new blog, this package is ideal for you. When comparing with the world leaders in hosting industry, you find that this solution is the right one for you – not because of the price, but what you get in terms of quality.

If you have not yet registered a domain name for your business, you have the opportunity to get a domain name from $0.95 per year. Domain names are billed annually. It is the cheapest offer I have come across regarding domain registration from any provider.

For any business, email is essential to keep in touch with your clients and prospects. With the new package from HostGator, you will be in the position to set up unlimited email accounts on your hosting service. Your professional email accounts is more trustworthy as compared with free email providers like Gmail or Yahoo.

Terms of this Package:

HostGator Web Hosting Promo

As you can see from the image above, the support system for this service is provided free of charge all through. You also get instant activation of the service. What is most interesting is that the 45 days money refund policy is 45 days. It is not easy for any company to allow you to test their service for all that time and get the full refund for the same.

How to Get the Offer:

This package is not a discount offer. You are not able to get this on the HostGator front page. For you to get the package, you simply need to follow this link which will take you to the service page. From there, you can simply choose the service you want and sign up. If you want extra features for your website, you can choose them from the registration page at very competitive prices.

Final Word Regarding this Package Offer:

As we know, the companies run businesses by their own terms. We are not able to tell when and how they will change them. It is best if you can take this advantage now before they decide to close it down since they have the right to cut it off after reaching their targeted number. Go ahead and sign up now.

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